For further reading/watching/listening

“Good-bye, Charlie! 20 Years since the Fall of Communism in Europe”, an online exhibition by the European Commission Representation in Estonia, the European Parliament Information Office in Estonia and the Estonian History Museum.

Overview of the restoration of Estonian independence in the Estonica online encyclopedia

Europeana 1989

Recording of the three-hour live broadcast on Estonian Radio titled “Me hoiame ühte” (“We keep together”, aired on 23 August 1989) available on the website of Estonian Public Broadcasting

Amateur footage of the Baltic Way

Balti kett by Lembit Koik (Tallinn, 2004)

Kui väiksed olid suured. Balti kett 25 by Küllo Arjakas (Tallinn, 2014)

Documentary film Balti tee (1989, directed by Peeter Simm)

Documentary film Balti loorberid (2009, directed by Toomas Lepp).